The future is ours to win

Gordon BrownToday I visited Her Majesty the Queen to ask for a dissolution of Parliament and a General Election on May 6th.

I come from an ordinary family, in an ordinary town, and I’ve never forgotten where I come from, or the values – hard work, duty, fairness, telling the truth - my parents instilled in me.

And that’s why during this world recession the team and I have fought so hard for families on middle and modest incomes. And from now until polling day I will travel the length and breadth of Britain with one clear message:

Britain is now on the way to economic recovery.

And now is not the time to put it at risk.

Over the next few months we face big challenges and big decisions upon which our future success depend.

Get the big decisions right, as we did in the last eighteen months at a time of economic crisis when we led the way for the whole world, and prosperity, jobs and better schools and hospitals will result.

Get these decisions wrong and the livelihoods of thousands upon thousands of Britain's families will be damaged. The economy is now starting to grow again but the wrong decisions by withdrawing money from the economy could damage our chances. Unemployment is falling but a party that does not believe in government action would put jobs at risk. Businesses are growing in confidence again and the party who would pull the rug from under the recovery could tip us back into recession.

So I am asking you the British people for a clear and immediate mandate to continue the urgent work of securing the recovery, building the industries of the future and creating  one million new skilled jobs for the British people.

And as we cut the deficit by half over 4 years, I am asking you the British people for a mandate to protect our your hospitals, your schools and your policing.

I pledge this guarantee, a personal guarantee for you - that when you need to get in touch with the police, when you need cancer care, when you need access to a GP in the evenings or at weekends, when you need one to one tuition for your child, our public services will be there guaranteed to you and accountable to you and your family.

I ask also for a mandate to renew our public life and the publics trust.
Faith in our democracy has been rightly shaken by recent events.

I will set out a comprehensive plan to forge a new contract between those who serve and the people they are sworn to serve.

I am not a team of one, but one of a team. A team with the energy, the substance and the ideas to lead this amazing country in the second decade of this young century. And I say to the British people: our cause is your cause. The future is ours to win - now let’s get to it.

I'll be taking part in a 'People's PMQs' tomorrow. Click here to submit your question and watch the event on Wednesday