Labour is the Party of recovery - Conservative plans pose great risk

Daily NewsAt a press conference in the City today, Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, Chancellor, Alistair Darling and Business Secretary, Peter Mandelson, reaffirmed Labour’s commitment to securing the economic recovery.

Alistair Darling gave journalists a glimpse of a future unfair for all under the Tories’ planned emergency budget. Labour has launched a companion website - - which highlights the effects that the Conservatives' first budget would have.

Gordon Brown said:

“The fundamentals at the heart of this election have not changed – it is a competing choice of futures. People are now focusing on the big questions about our country’s future. And that’s exactly what we are doing too because Labour is in the future business.

“We are creating a high-tech economy, modernising our infrastructure with high-speed rail, a green investment bank, broadband access for all, a million more skilled jobs over the next five years. This is the new Labour future. It is a bold and ambitious agenda worth fighting for.

“But every promise that each Party makes depends on a strong economy. Businesses need help now. And we must take the right decisions now. So the question is: who has the best plan to secure the recovery in a way that is fair?”

Alistair Darling said:

“George Osborne wants to hold an emergency budget on 24 June. But he won’t tell people what will be in it.

“Since the election was called he has set out a long list of tax cuts. But he is silent on the real price to be paid for his promises. Or the real impact of his plans to take support out of the economy in just a few weeks time.

“So today we are setting out the bill that British families would start paying 50 days after a Conservative election victory.

"His emergency budget would leave families feeling cheated, hitting each household with a bill for £1,500.”

Peter Mandelson said:

“George Osborne wants people to believe that you can remove £6 billion from the economy this year and that this will not set back the recovery.

“And that caution can be thrown to the wind with a series of tax giveaways in the following years and that no-one will have to pick up the bill for this.

“No wonder he doesn’t want to tell anyone about the price they will pay. So voters should beware… If you vote Tory in May, you’ll be stung in June”.