Labour launches plan for growth at MINI Oxford

Gordon BrownGordon Brown, Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party, was joined by Peter Mandelson and Ed Miliband today to launch Labour's Plan for Growth. To read the full document, click here

The launch took place at BMW's MINI car plant in Oxford, which benefited from the Government's action during the world economic crisis. The document sets out the choice between a Labour Government that will not take risks with the recovery by making cuts this year and the Conservatives who, given the chance, would.

Gordon Brown said:

"Our plan for growth sets out how we can create a more prosperous Britain by:

  • Securing the recovery
  • Backing advanced manufacturing
  • Backing hi tech businesses
  • Transforming Britain’s infrastructure
  • Delivering a fair deal for business

"These are the building blocks of Labour’s plan for growth.

"The fragile recovery we are beginning to see would be put at risk by a Conservative government.

"They have no plan for growth. They have no view on how government working with business can support the new industries of the future.

"Instead they would cut support from the economy at the worst possible time and put growth - and the recovery at risk."