Harman and Miliband launch Labour's BAME Manifesto

BAME manifestoHarriet Harman and David Miliband today joined leading Labour BAME candidates, including Keith Vaz, Chuka Umunna, Diane Abbott and Dawn Butler, to launch Labour’s Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) manifesto. You can download it here.

The BAME manifesto sets out key policies and pledges which will deliver growth, jobs and good public services and a future fair for all; and builds on Labour’s record of standing up for BAME families and communities throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Labour’s record since taking office in 1997 demonstrates our commitment to fighting racial prejudice and helping people from all backgrounds make the most of their talents and abilities. We set up the Equality and Human Rights Commission and the Government Office of Equalities and introduced the Equality Act which will modernise and strengthen Britain's anti-discrimination laws.

Labour has the best record of any UK political party in terms of Black and Asian representation. In our third term, we had thirteen Black and Asian MPs compared to just two in the Conservative party and none in the Liberal Democrats. The first black MP, first Muslim MP, the first Black Cabinet Minister, first black Attorney General; first Asian and Muslim Minister to attend Cabinet and first black female Minister in the Commons were all Labour.

Labour’s Deputy Leader Harriet Harman, Leader of the House of Commons and Minister for Women and Equality, said:
“As we approach the General Election, people from all communities will be concerned about how we ensure the economy recovers after the global recession; how we cut the deficit in a way which protects vital public services and jobs and how we create a future which is prosperous and fair for all – not just a privileged minority.

“People will be making a big choice about the kind of future they want for their family and for Britain. There’s a stark choice ahead - a choice between creating a future that is fair for all, or a change that puts the economic recovery at risk, threatens public services, and makes life tougher for families.

“Don’t let the Tories turn back the clock on all the achievements we’ve together fought so hard for. Labour is the only party fighting for a fair future for all."

Labour’s Foreign Secretary David Miliband said:
“Labour will work to secure the recovery. The Tories will take £6 billion out of the economy this year, risking a double-dip recession. That would be bad for jobs, bad for small businesses and bad for communities.”
Labour’s Keith Vaz said:
“Labour’s BAME Manifesto “Fairer Britain, Your Choice” lays out Labour’s offer for the future. I think that when you scrutinise other parties' past behaviour and their current offers and compare them with Labour's record and our Manifesto then it is clear. Labour is the only party which genuinely offers a future fair for all.”