Eddie Izzard's Brilliant Britain - Labour election film

Eddie IzzardEddie Izzard’s Brilliant Britain is Labour’s second film of the 2010 election campaign: a virtuoso stand-up tribute to Britain’s great people, and a heartfelt reminder that while the Conservatives may have changed their suits, they haven’t changed their beliefs or their policies.

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Labour's General Election co-ordinator Douglas Alexander said today:

"Our election films are about the big questions people at home are asking themselves as they decide how to vote on 6 May. In the first film the question was ‘Will the Tories mess up the recovery?’

"The next big question is: ‘Have the Tories really changed?’ and we were delighted that Eddie wanted to set out his own view that they haven’t changed at all.

"When we knew we had a Friday evening slot for the film, we wanted it to be engaging and entertaining - a party political broadcast that people would actually want to watch at the start of the weekend. Eddie is a powerful communicator with a message about the Tories he wants the country to hear."

The film is being mailed and signposted throughout Labour's online community today as a conversation starter in Labour's word of mouth campaign, as party supporters gear up for doorstep campaigning this weekend.

Eddie Izzard said:

"I'm doing the broadcast because I take great offence at the Tories slagging off Britain, saying it's broken. I ran around the country and I found that Britain is brilliant. People from all kinds of backgrounds ran with me. Kids from rural estates and kids from inner city areas.

"The country has a big heart, which I saw even while we were going through tough times. The Tory party have changed their suits, but still don't believe in fairness, otherwise they wouldn't be in the Tory party".

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