Back to 80s

Labour's create-your-own-ad poster is a stark reminder of life under the Tories

Cabinet Ministers and brothers David and Ed Miliband, will today in Basildon unveil Labour’s first digital outdoor poster campaign of the election in the presence of its designer, 24-year old Jacob Quagliozzi, a supporter from St. Albans.

Jacob’s design was chosen from more than 1000 submitted in just three days in response to the Party’s “create Labour’s next ad” campaign and will be the first of many. Jacob got to work with ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi to bring his idea to life.
And the Labour Party has produced a You-tube video to go with it, showing Jacob Quagliozzi visiting Saatchi & Saatchi to design the poster with Labour's expert ad-agency. To see the video please click here.

The poster warns that David Cameron would take Britain on a time-travel journey back to the socially divisive early-80s when the nation was scarred by youth unemployment and social unrest.

Jacob Quagliozzi said:

“I wanted to remind the public that David Cameron has failed to change the Conservative Party and show the threat they would pose to young people.”

In a clear message to young voters the Miliband brothers will highlight the way an uncaring Tory Government presided over division and decay and left a generation on the scrapheap.

The Tories, they will say, would take Britain back to the dark ages of the 1980s by failing to support economic recovery and put at risk Labour’s policies to give young people the training, jobs and start in adult life that they need.

David Miliband MP said:

“Ed and I became politically active in the 1980s. Jacob’s poster is a powerful reminder of the damage which the Tories did to Britain in the 80s and the threat which they pose to the country should they win the election."

Ed Miliband MP added:

“I have never believed that young people are apathetic. They are passionate about issues including climate change, safer streets and Britain’s future as a high-tech economy. Labour will continue to listen to young people and deliver real support to help them get on in life.

“It’s vital at this election that the voice of young people is heard. I hope they will reject a Conservative Party that has nothing to offer them and support Labour’s future fair for all young people."

On this, the first of several joint campaigning visits planned, the Milibands will outline how Labour has delivered change on the issues that matter to the under-25s and will continue with specific policies to help them.

• Labour is offering a guarantee to today’s young people:

o Everyone aged 18 to 24 will, with Labour, be guaranteed a job, training or work experience place if they are unemployed for more than six months.

o There will be a guaranteed place in education or training for all 16 and 17 year olds.

o We are offering more apprenticeships - we have an ambition of creating 500,000 apprenticeships starts a year across the UK by 2020.

o And we are offering 20,000 extra university places starting in 2010-11 so there will be places for those who want them.

o We are committed to increasing the number of people going to university and we continue to aim to ensure that 50 per cent of young people get a chance to go to university by the time they are 30.

o We are making a further pledge to Britain’s young people that, by the age of 30 we want 75 per cent of young people to have been to university or completed an advanced apprenticeship or equivalent technician level qualification.

• The National Minimum Wage, opposed by the Conservatives, has lifted a generation of young people out of poverty and it is Labour’s Child Tax Credits, Child Trust Funds and Sure Start centres that are helping give young families the best start in life.

• Even with recent house price falls many young people are still priced out of hous ing in many areas. To remedy this, we have now set about delivering a rapid increase in affordable housing, including shared ownership schemes to give people a leg-up on to the property ladder. And to give first time buyers an extra bit of help we have announced a two-year Stamp Duty holiday on properties up to £250,000.

• Young people are more likely to experience crime than adults. So we will clamp down on antisocial behaviour, we will protect frontline policing and give new guarantees on minimum standards from the police – including guarantees on response times.

• We are expanding high quality youth provision, particularly in areas where there are high levels of antisocial behaviour. We are focusing particularly on extending provision on a Friday and Saturday night. Extended schools offer young people a range of out of school activities – sports, music and other clubs. And through our Youth Community Action scheme, we are creating the expectation that every young person should contribute to their local community and put something back into society.

• We are investing in nationwide, next generation high-speed broadband coverage so that no young people are left behind.

Labour is in tune with modern Britain on such issues as civi l partnerships and backing young people in the fight against the BNP and far-right extremism. And Labour understands that the internet – Twitter and Facebook - used by the Tories as a gimmick, is an important means of communicating seriously with young people.

The Conservatives offer a gamble not a guarantee for young people. They won’t match Labour’s guarantee to protect investment in frontline schools and refused to support our £5 billion investment to help people back to work. Instead, they have shown where their priorities lie by continuing to prioritise an inheritance tax cut for the wealthiest.